The Quina House Museum is named after Desiderio Quina who purchased the home in 1821.

Born in Italy in 1777, Desiderio Quina served in the Spanish Army, becoming part of the Louisiana Infantry Regiment in 1802. After leaving the army he was later employed in Pensacola as an apothecary for the John Forbes Company and married Margarita Bauve (Bobe) in 1813. Desiderio Quina passed away in 1830 leaving behind his widow, who passed away in 1863, and seven children.

Desiderio Quina Jr. was born in 1817. He fought in the second Seminole War with a regiment of Alabama mounted volunteers. Later he opened a pharmacy on Government Street in Pensacola and earned a license to act as a physician. He married Isabella Roseque and resided in Pensacola until his death in 1891.